Lilsa Timber Quail Retreat


Because It's shorter and easier to recall

Our Story is Lilsa Timber Quail Retreat

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Lilsa Timber Quail Retreat is Still Our Name, Lilsa Lodge is a Nick Name (for now at least)

Our guides have decades of experience providing hunters with traditional, exhilarating fair chase hunts.
Contact us today to book your upland bird hunting getaway and see what traditional hunting is all about.

Team Members

Meet the #teamLILSA all stars

Valentine Bernal

Valentine Bernal

Valentine brings 5 years of management experience driving growth, efficiency and service quality for retail locations. His strategic vision and team leadership steer company success.
Giacomo Hebert

Giacomo Hebert

Tour Manager
With a passion for music, Giacomo expertly manages tour logistics, promotion coordination and on-site operations to deliver unforgettable events. His work makes the magic happen.
Carmel Travers

Carmel Travers

As founder, Carmel established the company on a foundation of quality craftsmanship, sustainability and enriching lives through music. Her pioneering vision still guides all we do.
Jasmine Rodgers

Jasmine Rodgers

Jasmine co-founded and built the business through years of hard work and dedication to excellent service. Her heart and soul continues to run through the company.

Our Partners And Supporters!

We are proud to collaborate with these fine companies and organizations who share our passion for the hunting tradition and wildlife conservation.