Meet Huck: If Lilsa Lodge is the body, Huck is undoubtedly its beating heart. Born and raised under the vast, starry skies of Florida's panhandle, Huck brought his boundless energy, expertise, and a bright red Jeep to Lilsa Lodge three years ago, and it’s safe to say, he’s been the cornerstone of our operations ever since.

With a knack for everything from groundskeeping to property management and a magical touch with dogs that’s nothing short of a whisperer’s gift, Huck is truly our jack-of-all-trades. His journey from the upper panhandle to the lush landscapes of central western Florida was fueled by a passion for the outdoors and a desire to be part of a team that values tradition, nature, and the thrill of the hunt as much as he does.

Before joining us, Huck honed his skills on a sprawling ranch in Texas, where he managed vast acres of land and trained hunting dogs with a blend of firmness and affection that only he can muster. His transition to Lilsa Lodge was seamless, thanks to his adaptable nature and eagerness to immerse himself in the rich hunting culture of Florida.

Today, Huck is not just an employee; he’s a cherished member of the Lilsa Lodge family. Whether he’s grooming the grounds to perfection, sharing his in-depth knowledge of dog training, or just being there with a friendly smile and a helping hand, Huck embodies the spirit of Lilsa Lodge. He’s a testament to the dedication and love we all share for this place and the experiences it offers.

When Huck isn’t wearing one of his many hats at the lodge, you can find him exploring the backwoods in his iconic red Jeep, still bearing its Texas plates, a constant reminder of the journey that led him to become an integral part of our team here at Lilsa Lodge.

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