John Duggan

John Duggan

Meet John Duggan: As the visionary founder and driving force behind Lilsa Lodge, John Duggan embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and passion for the great outdoors. Originally from Massachusetts and now deeply embedded in the Ocala community, John has woven a tapestry of professional ventures that showcase his adeptness at recognizing opportunity and fostering growth. His journey from spearheading innovative enterprises to cultivating a network of residential properties illustrates a profound commitment to community and the entrepreneurial spirit.

John's business acumen, honed over decades in diverse industries, has culminated in the creation of Black Label Marine Group a leading chain of boat dealerships that serves the maritime enthusiasts of Ocala, Punta Gorda , and Pinellas Park, FL . This venture reflects his deep understanding of the boating community's needs and his unyielding drive to meet them with unparalleled service and expertise.

Beyond the shores and into the great outdoors, John's latest endeavor, Black Label Outdoors , marks an ambitious expansion into retail, tailored specifically for the boating and outdoor community. With pilot locations in Ocala and Punta Gorda, Black Label Outdoors is set to redefine outdoor retail with a focus on quality, innovation, and community engagement.

At home, John is a dedicated family man, sharing his love for adventure with his wife and children. His personal and professional lives are testament to a belief in hard work, the importance of family, and a life well-lived in the embrace of nature. Lilsa Lodge, a haven for hunters and outdoor aficionados, stands as a beacon of John's dedication to preserving the beauty and tradition of the Florida wilderness for generations to come.

With John at the helm, Lilsa Lodge and his other ventures are poised for continued growth and success, guided by a vision that seamlessly blends business savvy with a profound respect for nature and community. His story is one of inspiration, a reminder of the enduring value of pursuing one's passions while making meaningful contributions to the world around us. Discover more about John's ventures and join us in celebrating the great outdoors at Lilsa Lodge.

John’s Editorial Contributions

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