Triana Militello

Triana Militello

Meet Triana Militello: A burgeoning talent in the realm of digital marketing and communications, Triana Militello has quickly become an integral part of the Lilsa Lodge family. Her enthusiasm for the digital world and a heartfelt commitment to environmental stewardship are a perfect match for our mission to offer “Unplug, Relax, Reload” experiences. With a background enriched by diverse experiences with various charitable organizations and an outstanding academic record, Triana is setting new standards in how we connect with our community and share the essence of outdoor adventure.

Originating from Tampa, FL, and currently advancing her studies in Communication Media & Culture, Triana's academic excellence is complemented by a genuine passion for storytelling and digital innovation. This passion is now channeled into enriching Lilsa Lodge’s digital footprint, where she's begun to weave her magic across our digital platforms.

At Lilsa Lodge, Triana has hit the ground running, taking charge of managing our events page and overseeing the digital content across our website. Her efforts in generating engaging blogs and crafting compelling marketing verbiage have already started to enhance our online presence, showcasing her ability to tell our story in a way that resonates with both avid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Her prior experience in fostering positive community impacts through charitable initiatives has equipped her with a unique perspective on engaging with our audience. By applying these insights, she's enhancing our events page, ensuring that each visitor is greeted with enticing and informative content that reflects the vibrant spirit of Lilsa Lodge.

Triana’s role in digital content management is pivotal, as she meticulously curates content that aligns with our core values and aspirations. Her emerging leadership in driving our blog's direction and enriching the website's verbiage is instrumental in reinforcing Lilsa Lodge's reputation as Florida's premier destination for hunting and outdoor adventures.

As Triana continues to excel in her contributions to Lilsa Lodge, we are excited to see the lasting impact of her work. Her dedication to crafting a digital presence that mirrors the essence of Lilsa Lodge is a testament to her talent and passion for our mission. Welcome to the team, Triana, your journey with us is just beginning, but it is already making waves.

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Triana’s Editorial Contributions

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