Huck Dog Trainer / Lodge Manager Meet Huck: If Lilsa Lodge is the body, Huck is undoubtedly its beating heart. Born and raised under the vast, starry skies of Florida's panhandle region, Huck brought his boundless energy, expertise, and a bright red Jeep to Lilsa Lodge two years ago, and it’s safe to say, he’s been the cornerstone of our operations ever since.
Jessie Spoor
Jessie Spoor Marketing Meet Jessie Spoor: Emerging as a vibrant star in the world of lodging hospitality and outdoor adventure and hospitality marketing, Jessie Spoor is quickly making her mark. At Lilsa Lodge, a premier hunting lodge and nature preserve nestled in the heart of Chiefland, Florida, her presence is increasingly felt.
Triana Militello
Triana Militello Marketing Meet Triana Militello: A burgeoning talent in the realm of digital marketing and communications, Triana Militello has quickly become an integral part of the Lilsa Lodge family. Her enthusiasm for the digital world and a heartfelt commitment to environmental stewardship are a perfect match for our mission to offer “Unplug, Relax, Reload” experiences.